Sweet sis Star

As the balance of the Great Inner Divine Masculine and Feminine come together in an apex of power, Priestess’ (whether they know it yet or not) are steeping forward all over the globe to make place among society once more for the acts of Sacred Sexuality. No more will we hide in the shadows ashamed of our power. This is for you sweet sis Star.

Hush sweet sis Star, dry your eyes
Smile sweet sis Star, no need to cry.
Laugh dear sis Star, we are here
Sing dear sis Star, Goddess is near

Rejoice sweet sis Star, the revolution has come
Celebrate sweet sis Star, a new era has begun

No more stones, no more judgment
No more shame or guilt or punishment

This fire that burns so deep
holds you safe within the Goddess’ keep

A place of honor is made for you now
A crescent moon upon your brow

Give Sweet sis Star, the gift of lifting up.
Come Sweet sis Star offer your Love


About seventhsisterofthestars

Shekinah is an experienced medium/psychic. Through many years of exploration and healing, Shekinah. has been able to open communication from the Stars and now hopes to share these messages of hope for the world .
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One Response to Sweet sis Star

  1. revedefemmes says:

    hello, who is the painter of this fantastic painting ? thanks

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