How I became Shekina

Predawn, a few days before the astrological anomaly of the solar eclipse, full super moon, spring equinox and my little one has to go pee. As any well trained momma, I slipped from my bed, half asleep to help him get to the potty and back in bed.

As I tucked in my angel and kissed his forehead he slowly reaches his hands up to meet my face and says with a sigh ” Ahhh, you are my Shekina.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth I knew there was meaning and purpose behind it, but I had no idea how deep until I went to the God of Google to find out.

It is a feminine Hebrew term meaning  “the house where God dwells”, I was totally floored, humbled and honored all at the same time. My little one had no idea, nor does he now, of what he said. Something in his Higher Self does, but the happy go lucky four year old has no idea how he changed my life that morning.

I am continuing my search for the true knowledge and vibration of this name, and the more I find, the more humbled I become. It is an exercise  in letting go of the old and accepting the new. Accepting who I truly am, and what I was put here to do.
Out of the mouth of my babe.

Thank you Yeshua Christ, and Holy Mary.

Thank you Shakti and Shiva.

Thank you Raven and Alice.

Thank you Great Spirit and The Ancestors.

I am forever humbled, grateful and born anew.


About seventhsisterofthestars

Shekinah is an experienced medium/psychic. Through many years of exploration and healing, Shekinah. has been able to open communication from the Stars and now hopes to share these messages of hope for the world .
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