Butterflies and Windowpanes: Breaking Free of the Cycle of Pain.

When I feel the knowing I have outlined below, I see a yellow butterfly. She is beating her wings frantically and continues to run in to a clear window pane. I am watching her from the window and yet there is no way she can hear or see me. The breeze is blowing, and she along with it, gusts of brutal, uncontrolled wind tossing her towards the window, a barrier so clear she can not see it,she is not aware but for the pain… so she continues to beat her wings, and slam her delicate body into the glass.
Over and Over again, as though some unseen voice keeps telling her that’s the only way to go, the only way forward, only to nearly crush herself to death against the barrier she can not see, but she can feel…



Ever feel like you are floating above the whole scene? Screaming at the projection of you? “Get up! Do It! Love You!” but the projection simply can not find that momentum to get up out of bed,

walk across the room,

be creative.


Even the very air surrounding your projection seems to feel heavy, pressing in to each and every cell, every heartbeat, every thought, every emotion. If you were to say that you have, I would tell you, I could relate.

I know that the Astrology right now has much to do with it.
And I know that I am highly sensitive to the affect the Astrology is having on the humans around me too, whether they are conscious to it or not.

And yet, I also know, that the projection must make a change. She must stop beating her wings to exhaustion and tossing herself to the window.

She must die a death and then, She must recluse in to her cocoon and finally, She must burst open this chrysalis and fly.

Ahhh, but it is not yet time…it is still dark. the crack has yet to appear. the pups shivers, knowing the time is near.

Is this how the butterfly feels just before emerging?

Restless. Faint. Impatient.

The releasing of the attachment to the emerging, brings the ease of pain. When the buttefly says to Herself:”Stop Beating your Wings and let the wind have you.”
You will die again anyway, and come back through the chrysalis, the pain is only in the resistance.

You were born a butterfly, accept it. And Break Free.






About seventhsisterofthestars

Shekinah is an experienced medium/psychic. Through many years of exploration and healing, Shekinah. has been able to open communication from the Stars and now hopes to share these messages of hope for the world .
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