Dance of the Seventh Sister

I once heard a tale of two lovers star crossed in fate, and it captivated and touched me so, that I have began a blog in its honor of resonance within my Soul.

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Circle round and I will share:

Once, many many moons ago, before the land and her people were taken over, there was a place for magic and mystery. And there, my children, is where you will find the Ancient  story of the Seven Sisters.

In a valley, high up in the mountains Seven Sisters did a dance.. It was a dance of the Stars. And one of beauty unseen by any human eye.

One day, a hunter was happening by, when he hears the most beautiful bells ringing out…when he realizes. Those are not bells. That is laughter. The laughter felt like Angels calling to him and so he followed the sound until he came across a clearing. In the clearing were Seven Sisters dancing. Star light seemed to glow from their milky skin and silky tones lilted from their lips as they spun and sang and laughed. A smile played across his lips and he stepped out of the shadows to try to touch one of these Heavenly Bodies. And then they were gone. In the blink of an eye they were gone.

The hunter was so captivated by their Divinity and Beauty, that he decided he would come back when the moon was in the same place in the sky.

Again, as he approached the clearing the next moon he heard it. Twinkling bells. Laughter.

He saw the Light before he saw the maidens and as he approached the clearing, he stayed well hidden behind the bush as to not frighten them. He sat there for a few minutes just smiling and breathing in the pure essence of Love and joy from the Dance of the Seven Sisters. Again, he attempted to reach out and touch them and they vanished.

Again, he waited til the next moon and he would come again.

This time he remained quiet for some time. Watching, listening, waiting.

The Sisters Danced, and twirled and laughed until the hunter found himself in a trance. He flew up above the clouds, into the black night sky and among the stars. There he Saw the Sun and Creator and knew. It was Good. He was Love.

After a while, the hunter came back to the clearing and saw the Sisters tiring of their dance. Slowly and with the Light of Divine Love he brought back from the stars he approached the Seven Sisters.

Six of them startled and vanished calling for the Seventh.

But she had caught eyes with the Hunter and could not hear them. She saw the Universe she and her Sisters retreated to at night in his eyes, and there is where she decided she would be.

“No sweet Sisters. I will stay.” she spoke silently.

This, my children, is the story of the Seventh Sister and some say, how the Pleiadian bloodline born.


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