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Words — The Secret Formula of Conjuration By Jenine E. Trayer Copyright 2016 Words are like colorful baubles that can be strewn in a glittering path or carefully placed so that each gleams delightfully on its own. We can pile words haphazardly, a teetering stack of crossed “t’s” or dangling “y’s” where their innate […]

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Does a for profit system serve the birth and death of the human condition?

Does a for profit system serve the birth and death of the human condition?.

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Butterflies and Windowpanes: Breaking Free of the Cycle of Pain.

When I feel the knowing I have outlined below, I see a yellow butterfly. She is beating her wings frantically and continues to run in to a clear window pane. I am watching her from the window and yet there is no way she can hear or see me. The breeze is blowing, and she along with it, gusts of brutal, uncontrolled wind tossing her towards the window, a barrier so clear she can not see it,she is not aware but for the pain… so she continues to beat her wings, and slam her delicate body into the glass.
Over and Over again, as though some unseen voice keeps telling her that’s the only way to go, the only way forward, only to nearly crush herself to death against the barrier she can not see, but she can feel…



Ever feel like you are floating above the whole scene? Screaming at the projection of you? “Get up! Do It! Love You!” but the projection simply can not find that momentum to get up out of bed,

walk across the room,

be creative.


Even the very air surrounding your projection seems to feel heavy, pressing in to each and every cell, every heartbeat, every thought, every emotion. If you were to say that you have, I would tell you, I could relate.

I know that the Astrology right now has much to do with it.
And I know that I am highly sensitive to the affect the Astrology is having on the humans around me too, whether they are conscious to it or not.

And yet, I also know, that the projection must make a change. She must stop beating her wings to exhaustion and tossing herself to the window.

She must die a death and then, She must recluse in to her cocoon and finally, She must burst open this chrysalis and fly.

Ahhh, but it is not yet time…it is still dark. the crack has yet to appear. the pups shivers, knowing the time is near.

Is this how the butterfly feels just before emerging?

Restless. Faint. Impatient.

The releasing of the attachment to the emerging, brings the ease of pain. When the buttefly says to Herself:”Stop Beating your Wings and let the wind have you.”
You will die again anyway, and come back through the chrysalis, the pain is only in the resistance.

You were born a butterfly, accept it. And Break Free.





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How I became Shekina

Predawn, a few days before the astrological anomaly of the solar eclipse, full super moon, spring equinox and my little one has to go pee. As any well trained momma, I slipped from my bed, half asleep to help him get to the potty and back in bed.

As I tucked in my angel and kissed his forehead he slowly reaches his hands up to meet my face and says with a sigh ” Ahhh, you are my Shekina.” As soon as the words were out of his mouth I knew there was meaning and purpose behind it, but I had no idea how deep until I went to the God of Google to find out.

It is a feminine Hebrew term meaning  “the house where God dwells”, I was totally floored, humbled and honored all at the same time. My little one had no idea, nor does he now, of what he said. Something in his Higher Self does, but the happy go lucky four year old has no idea how he changed my life that morning.

I am continuing my search for the true knowledge and vibration of this name, and the more I find, the more humbled I become. It is an exercise  in letting go of the old and accepting the new. Accepting who I truly am, and what I was put here to do.
Out of the mouth of my babe.

Thank you Yeshua Christ, and Holy Mary.

Thank you Shakti and Shiva.

Thank you Raven and Alice.

Thank you Great Spirit and The Ancestors.

I am forever humbled, grateful and born anew.

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I want to get lost in your eyes and take a midnight ride, to the skies.

I want to feel your electric light and all its desires as i aspire to full fill primal lust.
For life.
For love.
A lust felt to the bones to encapsulate the senses with a purpose of divine inspiration.

All for sensation.
And the ability to feel our birth right ecstacy among you and me. And the people.
It will set you free.

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What would Mother Teresea do?

Some times people say the stupidest shit… I mean really really stupid, offensive, ignorant shit…. Shit that makes ya do a lot more than just go “Hmmm”. I’m talking about bigoted, judgmental, close minded, hypocritical shit that makes me wonder if I made it to the right planet, while my stomach clenches tight enough to produce a blood diamond in the blink of an eye…

When I find myself setting amongst the stench of said poo flinging, I often find my felt sense is very indicative of anger. Ya know, the kind that makes you want to smack some one? Or rip them to shreds with witty retort?  The kind that produces rapid  breath, pounding heart and volcanic heat that desperately seeks to escape my cranium like steam. In these split second moments, I do my best to bring myself back to peace.



Who do we know that imitates peace?

Mother Teresa!

Yes! Quick! What would Mother Teresa do?? Compassion, she would have compassion…. Where is the compassion? Find the compassion…That’s how we get ourselves back to Love, Right? Yes. Compassion. That’s it.
Smile, dammit, SMILE! and keep your lips CLOSED , A.J.! Nod your head and smile A.J.




You know whats gonna happen if you do while your heart’s pounding like this…
As the blood trickles down the back of my throat, I remind myself that a little tongue biting never killed anyone. RIIIGHT??
Cooling breath, push the heat back down in to the Earth. Breath. Smile. Compassion…..
After trying this one out for the last few weeks, and consequently suffering physical consequences from the adrenal over stimulation and suppression…..I’m realizing…
I’m not Mother fucking Teresa. I may look up to her. I may admire her. Hell, I may even model my behaviour from her. But im NOT Her.
I’m a hairy-armpitted, tree-huggin, dirt-worshippin,strong-willed, big-mouthed, Awakened, pissed off Goddess! And just because my opinions, thoughts and feelings aren’t dripping with sweet understanding does not mean I should set by silenced like some god damned knot on a log. After all, how the hell are you going to know your being an out right, offensive dumb ass if no one tells you you are?! Honestly, it baffles me that in this day and age humans can actually still believe the political contortions (don’t even get me started on the story of Jeshua of Nazareth!), social conformist, sheeple, sexist,dis-empowering  BULL SHIT. And better yet, continue to spew it. SOME ONES gotta tell them, RIGHT?
I mean, I get it. BE the change you wish to see. Lead by example.
But what if that’s not enough for these closed-minded, dim witts?
Ever hear that expression, “Dont mistake my kindness for weakness?” Some of these ass hats are so wrapped up in insecurity, that they don’t even have the perception to acknowledge kindness.
I was born a warrior. For lifetimes I have fought for the cause. I was kinda hoping that this one would be a little different. I guess I knew something as a 6 day old infant lying on that operating table. I took out of here 4 times. Heart stopped, breathing stopped. I went back up. I remember feeling (words are BASE in that vibration. Its FEELING that’s the accelerated form of communication) like “NO FUCKING WAY MAN! I’m NOT doing THAT AGAIN!” I had the distinct impression of 4 large, Angelic forms standing stoic and authoritative over my senses. It was like whack a mole. Or more like whack a soul.

Flat line.

Up, up up, ahhhh, that’s better…


Back down I went….FUCK!!!

Re-Enter the body.

Painful felt sense and flash of this Life’s mission.

What am I supposed to do with THIS?!

“No way man, I’m out! I’m not swimmin in this shit storm again.”

Flat line.

Back up, up up….WHACK!…

… 35 yrs later and I’m still working it out.

I have found a deep sense of compassion for humanity overall. I have also found a deep inner peace and Love for all Living things. Most of the time, it is easy for me to see the wounded child with in the adult who is acting out, who may not even realize how offensive their action or statement is…
Except for these shit flingin, monkey minded humans gummin up my fucking Eden.

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Sweet sis Star

As the balance of the Great Inner Divine Masculine and Feminine come together in an apex of power, Priestess’ (whether they know it yet or not) are steeping forward all over the globe to make place among society once more for the acts of Sacred Sexuality. No more will we hide in the shadows ashamed of our power. This is for you sweet sis Star.

Hush sweet sis Star, dry your eyes
Smile sweet sis Star, no need to cry.
Laugh dear sis Star, we are here
Sing dear sis Star, Goddess is near

Rejoice sweet sis Star, the revolution has come
Celebrate sweet sis Star, a new era has begun

No more stones, no more judgment
No more shame or guilt or punishment

This fire that burns so deep
holds you safe within the Goddess’ keep

A place of honor is made for you now
A crescent moon upon your brow

Give Sweet sis Star, the gift of lifting up.
Come Sweet sis Star offer your Love

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